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The German Asian Foundation/Deutsche Asien Stiftung supports research and provides grants to de-radicalize societies, support local Non-for-Profit organizations to ensure peaceful transition and prevent radicalization of civil society organizations and countering extremists ideologies.

The German Asien Foundation builds bridges for the future and serves as a mediator on complex issues by supporting policy research on blue wave issues.

The German Asian Foundation focus is ASEAN wide.

What We Do

The Deutsche Asien Stiftung supports independent research organizations, educational programs and development of independent journalists in the region. The small grant program aims to young students, academics, activists and researchers in an variety of fields.


The Deutsche Asien Stiftung support independent research organizations such as the Deutsche Asienforschungszentrum, the Ernest D. Dekker Center for Journalism, and civil society groups.


The Deutsche Asien Stiftung operates ASEAN wide.

What We Do

Community Health Programs

The Deutsche Asien Stiftung supports research for Austism, speech impairment, child development and Down Syndrome spectrum.

Community Education

The Deutsche Asien Stiftung supports community education programs. Through its local civil society partners we identify and support community education programs, early reading and early development. The Deutsche Asien Stiftung also supports programs focused on de-radicalization of society and early intervention.

Conflict Mitigation

The Deutsche Asien Stiftung supports programs and researchers contributing to the process of conflict mitigation. The Deutsche Asien Stiftung engages with academia, researchers, media companies, social media operators and experts on engaging with communities at risk.

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